What is Full Psycle?

Full Psycle is the most efficient, most effective and most exciting full-body workout in the world of fitness today. We take the best parts of indoor cycling, the best parts of weight training and add in a performance measurement/competition component. In a typical 45-minute class riders will burn between 550-900 calories. Riders perform standard indoor cycling routines (hills, flats, intervals, etc) while simultaneously toning their abs, arms, back, shoulders and chest through the use of handweights and pilates-based core exercises, accomplished while maintaining fat-burning levels of cardio. Our personal achievement system measures your performance statistics (Power, RPMs, Energy) in real-time on two large HDTV displays, allowing you to compete against yourself, your instructor and/or other class participants. (This is an optional system.) 

What is full-body cycling and why is Full Psycle's full-body cycling workout different from others?

Simply put, full-body cycling is an indoor cycling class that incorporates upper body strength training to provide a full-body workout. It is a workout concept that has taken over Los Angeles and New York City. Full Psycle is Orange County's first and only full-body cycling studio. We differentiate ourselves by offering a full-body cycling workout AND a performance measurement/competition component, because we believe that friendly competition fuels maximum performance. Our personal achievement system measures your performance statistics in real-time on two large HDTV displays (this is an optional system.) You will know exactly how far you go, exactly how many calories you're burning, and exactly how much you're improving on a class by class basis. This information is emailed to you after each class and stored in your personal account online.

Do you offer a discount and/or special for new clients?

Of course we do! We have one special for new clients, which is two weeks of unlimited rides for $39. If you click BUY CLASSES in the upper right corner you will find this special under the heading "New Client Special". Click "buy this series" and away you go! Please feel free to call (714-903-7746) or email info@fullpsycle.com with any questions!

Do you have a referral program?

We certainly do! And it's suuuuuuuper easy!! Just log into your account, click MY INFO, and click "invite a friend". Then post your special link to Facebook or Twitter directly from our site or enter your friend's email and click SEND! Once your friend takes three paid classes our system will automatically place $15 in your account you can use to buy classes or merchandise! Get credit for an unlimited amount of friends!! Fine print - Friend(s) must sign up at fullpsycle.com using your link.

When does the schedule come out?

Our schedule comes out every Sunday at 5pm and goes from Monday through the following Sunday. So, for example, on Sunday February 17th at 5pm the schedule will be posted online and you will be able to reserve classes from Monday, February 18th through Monday February 25th. Some classes will fill up extremely quickly, so in order to expedite reserving a spot, it would be wise to have classes banked in your account before that time.

Is Full Psycle for beginners?

Full Psycle is for all levels of fitness!! It's just like riding a bike... only cooler, and much more fun!! If you've never taken an indoor cycling class, or even if you have, stop by or call 949-631-2222 for a free 15-minute consultation to learn about the Full Psycle method and proper bike setup. Just come in, we'll take care of you. Our goal is make your workout as beneficial for you as possible. Then you'll come back. And we'll be able to pay our rent!! We like that!!

What is your cancellation policy?

On Monday through Friday, cancellations not made at least eight hours before class will be charged for that class. On Saturdays and Sundays, cancellations not made at least twelve hours before class will be charged for that class. Unlimited members will be charged $10 for cancellations not made eight hours prior to class. To cancel, log into your account and click "unreserve". Within eight hours of class you will be given the option to "late cancel." With a "late cancel" you will forfeit that class, however, it will allow you to give up your bike so another client can book. Good karma!

What is your waitlist policy?

If MEMBER goes online to reserve a bike and the class is full, MEMBER has the option to sign up for our waitlist.  As bikes open up, we give them away automatically to riders on the waitlist, in order of when they put themselves on it. The waitlist won't be an option for MEMBER unless MEMBER has a class or series already purchased.  Riders enrolled in the class must be ON THEIR BIKE at the scheduled class start time, otherwise we will give your bike to a MEMBER on the waitlist and you will be charged according to our Cancellation Policy.

If MEMBER is on our the waitlist for a class, three things can happen:

1) The class remains full and MEMBER doesn't get a bike. The series will be returned to MEMBER's account to be used at a future date.
2) A bike opens up before our cancellation window closes (at least eight hours before class). MEMBER is automatically added to the class and will receive an e-mail notification.
3) A bike opens up within our cancellation window.  We will send a text message and call MEMBER and MEMBER will have the option of choosing to enroll in the class. If MEMBER chooses not to enroll, the class will be returned to MEMBER's series. If MEMBER does not return our text or voicemail within 15 minutes, or MEMBER does not choose to enroll in the class, we will then contact the next MEMBER on the waitlist.

If MEMBER is on the waitlist, we assume MEMBER wants to take the class. If MEMBER is automatically enrolled from the waitlist (#2 above), MEMBER is now considered a rider in that class and our standard cancellation policy now applies. If MEMBER can no longer make a class MEMBER is waitlisted for, MEMBER must take himself or herself off the waitlist at least eight hours before class to prevent unwanted charges. While we appreciate and understand the desire to secure yourself a spot in one class while being waitlisted in another, please note that we do not offer the option of swapping classes.  If MEMBER ends up scheduled for both classes, MEMBER will be automatically charged for both.

I've heard cycling will make my legs bigger... is this true?

No. Full Psycle will tone every part of your body: your legs, your arms, your back, your core, your shoulders and your chest. This article has an excellent depiction of exactly what indoor cycling does for you. http://www.wellandgoodnyc.com/2012/07/12/does-spinning-lead-to-bulky-quads/#does-spinning-lead-to-bulky-quads-1 Props to Flywheel and SoulCycle for their informative comments in this article.

Do I need cycling shoes?

We do require cycling shoes and our pedals are compatible with LOOK Delta, SPD and SPD-SL cleats. LOOK Keo cleats are NOT compatible with our pedals. If you don't have cycling shoes, not to worry! We offer complimentary rental shoes to all of our members. 

You can purchase cycling shoes at any bike shop or online but we have special discounts with bike shops close to our studios. Please inquire about the discounts at our front desk!

How many calories will I burn?

In a typical 45 minute Full Psycle class, you will burn between 550-900 calories. And, unlike other clubs, we don't just say that; we prove it through our performance measurement analytics. You will receive an estimated calorie count via email after each class, provided you have entered your age and weight data in your online account.

Where do I park?

Glad you asked. Costa Mesa - There is an ENORMOUS parking lot right behind our studio with 82 big, double-striped parking spots! There are also several parking spots in front of the studio on E 17th Street. Huntington Beach - There are several 90 minute spots just outside our doors along with a 1500 car parking structure 13.2 seconds from the studio!

Do you have changing rooms?

Yes! At Costa Mesa we have two, plus two bathrooms. At Huntington Beach, we have two bathrooms. We also have complimentary keyed lockers for your belongings.

What do I need to bring?

A positive attitude and a desire to work hard. We offer complimentary towels. If you are coming from work, we have three changing rooms and keyed lockers. If you forget a drink, we have those as well.

Do you have childcare?

No. We apologize but at this time we don't offer childcare. But that doesn't mean we're not good with children. We love kids! Just not in our studio =)

Do you do private classes?

Absolutely. We will do individual one-on-one classes or private group classes. Please contact Shelly by emailing shelly@fullpsycle.com for more information.

Where can I get Full Psycle apparel?

Only in our studio. And we've got some cool stuff too. Super cool. Come buy some!!

Do you have showers?

No, at this time we do not have showers. But we do have bathrooms. Two of them. Really nice ones too.

Is it safe to lift weights on a bike?

Yes. All of our weight exercises are performed while maintaining proper biking form and posture. If your posture isn't correct, we will fix it. If you are using the weights in a manner inconsistent with the FULL PSYCLE method, or doing anything we consider dangerous, we reserve the right to remove you from class. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information. Just do what your expertly-trained instructor does, and you'll be just fine. If you have any questions, please ask. We're here to make your workout as fun and beneficial as possible.

I am not sure if I should be doing physical activity. Can I take Full Psycle classes?


Is FULL PSYCLE safe for someone who is pregnant?

Although we are extremely proficient at diagnosing our own medical conditions on WebMD, we are not doctors, so please check with your doctor before taking FULL PSYCLE classes. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.

Gosh, this is a really long FAQ page, but what if I have a question that's not answered here?

Please call 949-631-2222 or email info@fullpsycle.com.