FPOC Anniversary Challenge - LFG!

The Mother of All Challenges Runs from 2/9 to 3/14!

We've been around for (exactly seven years) a while now and we really wanted to do something special for you, the greatest community in boutique fitness! So welcome to the FPOC Anniversary Challenge!

Starting on Sunday, February 9th (the 7 year anniversary of Full Psycle Costa Mesa) and through March 14th (the 6 year anniversary of Full Psycle HB), we'll be offering SEVEN DIFFERENT RIDE FORMATS that will all challenge you in different ways.

To complete the challenge, simply take 2 rides of each format between now and March 14th!

Blue - Tone. Your upper body will thank you... eventually.

Green - Pulse. Move to the beat. Push to the color.

Yellow - Speed. There'll be no slowing down... below 80 RPMs that is.

Orange - Psycle. The OG. Choreo. Performance. Weights.

Red - Power. Some days you just wanna crush it. This is some days.

Black - Blackout. TVs off. Bliss on.

Pink - Play. Music theme rides. Alexa play Boy Bands.

Pick up at a card at the front desk and make sure to have them stamp it after each ride!

You got this! LFG!