“Never give up on the good times, livin’ it up is a state of mind!” – Spice Girls

3 tracks on your current playlist:
Mr. Put It Down (Lexo Trap Remix) - Ricky Martin, Take It Like A Man (7th Heaven edit) - Cher, Jealous Of My Boogie - RuPaul

Favorite guilty pleasure: Only one?! Right now, Churros with Soft Serve from the Loop are at the top of my list. #butilovefood #nomnomnom

Where to find you when you're not at FP: You can find me at CorePower teaching yoga, at Peets getting coffee, at the beach (trying to) get a tan, or at home binging on Netflix with Chipotle.

3 favorite artists: (this barely touches the surface)
Cher, Janet Jackson, and Michael Bublé

Something few people know about you: I was in the newspaper when I was 7 years old for country line dancing. My parents thought it would be cute if I made an instructional video as well, which I now have on DVD, and no, it’s not going on youtube!