3 tracks on your current playlist:
1)Stay For It
2)These Heights
3)AVSTIN JAMES-You & Me Forever (Drake feat. Kanye West X Flume)

Favorite guilty pleasure:
Half-baked Ben & Jerry's... don't @ me w/ your Phish Food

Something few people know about you:
In Cape Town, South Africa, I went shark tank diving w/ great whites, bungee jumping, and skydiving all in one day!! Can you say adrenaline rush!?!

Where to find you when you're not at FP:
from scrubs to leggings reallllll fast #gofrogs

Fave FP choreo move:
I like to call it the Mack (sorry Ders)
Wide push, tap back, hold it center, tap back

Favorite phrase:
Play hard work harder