Studio Mom

3 tracks on your current playlist: Feel Good (ft Daya) Brooks Remix - Gryffin, ILLENIUM, Daya, Brooks, UCLA - RL Grime, 24hrs, Paper Rings - Taylor Swift

Guilty Pleasures: brisket tacos on corn tortillas with no cheese, margs (less guilty - spicy ranch water!), dark chocolate, hot tamales candy

Something Few People Know About Me: Played #1 singles in NCAA college tennis and went to Nationals

Where to find me when I am not at FP: when the sun is out I am at the pool. Otherwise at Mutts with my pup, Ranger, or Katy Trail Ice House!

Favorite FP Choreo move: pushups & around the world

Favorite Phrase: Always be kind. You never know what battle someone is fighting.