Work it to twerk it!

3 tracks on your current playlist:
Kyoto by Skrillex, Swing by Savage, Pop by NSYNC

Favorite guilty pleasure: Mac and Cheese!!! Like the REALLY cheesy kind (not the kind from a box). Oh and buffalo wings!!

Something few people know about you: When I laugh really hard, my thumbs feel like they are being tickled and I literally cannot move them! Weird, I know! But pretty entertaining to watch!

Where to find you when you're not at FP: Outside with my corgi! Or in the kitchen baking yummy things for friends :)

Fave FP choreo move: Jumps to Staggered Push-ups, or Zig-Zags!

3 favorite artists: NF, Tech N9ne, Arizona Zervas

Favorite phrase: The world is filled with nice people; if you can't find one, BE ONE!